As COP26 draws to a close in Glasgow, everyone’s talking about climate change and environmental issues. Without wanting to blow our own trumpet, here at Hickory we’ve been raising the sustainable bar for some time. You don’t win the VIBES Scottish Environment Business Award 2020 for nothing, and indeed we do everything we can to reduce waste, increase sustainability and generally be kinder to our planet. 

We are vocal about all things local. Our food on your plate has as few air miles as possible by working with Scottish producers of meat, cheese, fish and vegetables.  Yes – even our greens are green. The same can be said about our drinks list and we are proud to be the first catering company to be serving Dark Matter, delicious spiced rum distilled in Scotland.  

Of course our aim, like that of many other companies, is to be carbon neutral as soon as we can and our goal is to achieve this by 2030.  We already reuse and recycle as much as we feasibly can – we recycle more than 80% of all waste.  Our cooking oil becomes biodiesel; food waste produces green electricity as well as natural bio-fertilisers and compostable products are used whenever possible. We are proud to say we are successfully reducing the amount of energy used per customer each year while still growing our business.  And this is also good business as it is more efficient to reprocess waste than to get rid of it. 

Not ones to shy away from technology, we invested a substantial amount of money in The Hickory Hub and the result is that we are a paperless company.  Our bars operate on a cashless basis and we are constantly reviewing other measures to reduce our carbon footprint. 

Sustainability starts at home and we believe in helping our local community flourish; we recruit people who live in our neighbourhood, pay them a Living Wage and treat them with as much respect as we do the venues in which we work. 

When COP26 is over and the world leaders and campaigners return to own countries, we will continue our drive to be as responsible and ethical in producing the very best Scottish cuisine. At Hickory we believe that producing excellent and leading-edge food and drink experiences should not come at a cost to the environment, and that is at the heart of everything we create.