What on the menu this autumn? Brian Canale, Hickory’s Culinary Director, talks us through the trends sweeping the world of food and drink this season.


Pickles and fermented foods

Healthy pickles and fermented vegetables are all the rage this autumn. While in-season vegetables are less plentiful than in the summer months, pickled vegetables still provide a delicious accompaniment to most hot and cold meals.

We’re increasingly aware of the benefits of fermented foods for gut health. Foods like kimchi, a centuries-old Korean dish, are becoming more prevalent in our diets thank to their abundance of antioxidants.



Pumpkin spiced lattes. Pumpkin tarts. Pumpkin soup. We all go pumpkin mad as soon as September hits. This year is no different; as well as pumpkin’s delicious and nutritious benefits, foods that feature vibrant orange pumpkin also look incredible on the ‘gram!

For an alternative take on this much-loved trend, try stuffed pumpkins. You slice off the top of a small pumpkin, scoop out the seeds and set it in the oven to roast. Then, stuff with whatever delicious filling you like, whether that’s green lentils, roasted vegetables or nuts and goat’s cheese.


Comfort food

Now that it’s getting colder, traditional comfort foods like tarts and pies will be in high demand. Colourful, individual roasted vegetable tarts with butternut squash, peppers, pine nuts and basil (and optional feta cheese) are great crowd-pleasers.


Healthy cocktails

Lockdown saw many of us over-indulging, and sober September is well underway for many. But that’s not to say we should go without a good cocktail in our lives.

Healthier cocktails are in high demand this season. Lower in alcohol and higher in more nourishing content like citrus fruits, ginger and kombucha, they’ll continue to impress event delegates while adding a nourishing twist. If you’d like to try making healthy cocktails at home, we recommend ‘The Healthy Hedonist’, a recipe book by Nicole Herft.


Plant-based burgers

Did you know the number of people following a plant-based diet rose by 40% in the UK last year? More of us are embracing vegan, vegetarian and flexitarian diets. We’re proud to be supporting events taking place as part of COP26 this year and offering a more plant-based diet at our events is high priority.

Our chefs have great fun testing out plant-based options for firm favourites such as burgers. We love beetroot, falafel or sweet-potato stuffed burgers – and we know you must too, as they go a storm when we’re serving them from our ‘Hickory on Tour’ foodie truck!


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