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Food & Drink
Forever foraging ideas

Scotland has one heck of a seasonal larder. So it’ll come as no surprise that as an award-winning catering business based in Edinburgh we use only the freshest, locally-sourced ingredients.

What gives our event catering the edge?

Probably our obsession with food and drink. Our chefs and event planners are forever on the hunt for new techniques trends and local producers offering something new and different. In fact, as part of our drive for sustainability our chefs are now active foragers, regularly bringing ‘today’s catch’ of herbs and edible flowers with them to work.

So whether you’re conference catering for 600+ or out to impress a significant few – sidestep the expected in favour of something guaranteed to ignite your senses.

We’re all ears! To discuss food, events or venues, get in touch. We can chat informally or make a full presentation of our services
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