Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do
and it’s something we’re known for!


Key to making sustainable practices happen is making sure that everyone realizes they have the ‘ability’ to do something, no matter how small, to limit the effects of climate change.

At Hickory we have our very own ‘Green Team’. It’s their job to keep pushing us all to do more – including our guests.

We also encourage our stakeholders, contractors and suppliers to consider the environment in their work, activities and choices. Hickory is as a Green Tourism Business Scheme Gold Award Holder in recognition of our work towards minimising operational impacts on the environment through resource conservation and environmentally sound practices.

You’ve probably gathered, we care as much about the environment as we do about your event. If you’re thinking of planning a green event, our Event Planners love nothing more than to wow you with their resourceful creativity.

Our Green Events and Conferences are a great example. Our menus all have amazing food with an eco-friendly twist – your guests can enjoy a first-class event while knowing environmental impact was a top priority.

At Hickory, quality is so important to us, but so is the welfare of animals and the environment. We aim to make a difference by buying products that show this commitment. We are conscious that our purchases can have an impact that is felt thousands of miles away, economically, socially, and environmentally. As such, we are committed to sourcing produce that is local, seasonal and sustainably sourced. We pride ourselves on the quality of suppliers we are able to work with. The close working relationships we have built with them ensures we share similar considerations of the environment we work in, working in partnership to address issues such as overfishing and pollution.

We are also committed to ensuring our suppliers behave in a similar way and as such our procurement policy specifically sets out a detailed supplier screening process that ensures ethical and environmental responsibilities are met throughout our supply chain.

As part of our screening process, all of our suppliers are expected to evidence their sustainability commitment and policy, including supporting evidence and documentation. And, as a purchaser we take into account the impact we will have on the local and wider environment.


Hickory is proud to support Scottish businesses and the local economy. As a member of Scotland Food and Drink Hickory is committed to buying local whenever possible, meaning that our purchases have only a short distance to travel ensuring quality, freshness and minimising our carbon footprint.


Hickory are committed to buying fair-trade wherever possible, as you’d expect all our tea, coffee and sugar (and there’s a lot of it!) is sourced as fair-trade. These fair-trade purchases contribute to supporting the development of thriving farming and worker communities, empowering the local communities. We are constantly looking at ways in which we can improve our ethical contribution.

Socially, we are constantly working towards being regarded as a company that is transparent and ethical in all its dealings as well as making a positive contribution to the community in which we operate. Our team is always up for getting involved and going the extra mile.  Like our recent beach clean-up organised through the Marine Conservation Society. Our staff got out and about with local volunteers to give something back to the local area.

We are a key employer in East Lothian and firmly believe in using local talent pools. Working closely with Schools, Colleges and Universities in Edinburgh we adopt a recruitment process that’s inclusive for all candidates, particularly graduates and students, and are committed both to staff development and to creating opportunities for students and graduates to work and progress within the company.

All of our front-of-house team are trained in-house to high standards.  We never use agency staff, which is a policy no other caterer in Scotland can say. Our people are a key ingredient in our success, and we believe this approach guarantees consistency and first-class service. We have also created a ‘Talent Pipeline’, allowing talented and hard-working team members to take on and train in supervisory positions, preparing them for more senior roles. We are also aligned with HIT Scotland – who are at the forefront of identifying and developing the best talent in the Scottish hospitality industry through scholarships and bursaries.

As our business has rapidly grown and evolved, we have accepted that we are unable to deliver every single event, especially those smaller in size. As a result, we’ve partnered up with Social Bite, a social business that gives 100% of its profits to good causes. Every penny of their profit is given to good causes and 1 in 4 of their team are formerly homeless people.

Through our fundraising initiatives, we are proud to be involved with some fantastic causes. Over the past two years, we’ve worked with Giving Tuesday, Mental Health Foundation, Cash for Kids and the Edinburgh Moonwalk together with our very active community and charity engagement programme.

Our full Corporate Social Responsibility policy can be downloaded here.

We aim to reduce waste and other negative impacts on the environment with all our business practices and strive to recycle as much as we can at the end of every event.

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