Event Staffing
Delivered with style & passion

We learned early on in our Hickory journey that our secret ingredient is our people.

So, we committed to a strategy of never using agency staff in the kitchen or front of house. Instead, we recruit, train and coach all staff in house. This commitment to excellence ensures we deliver the highest standards, and gives our people the chance to thrive and grow with us.

Everything about a Hickory event is tailored. And that includes getting the right people to your event. We know exactly who to call forward whether you need smart silver servers, staff who can mingle well or disappear into the background so all eyes are on the stage.

Some people are born with heightened organisational powers. Unruffleable kingpins who can pull a team together around a task and make it look easy. Those are the everyday superheroes we employ as Event Managers. Your dedicated Event Manager is always up to speed and there on the day to make sure everything comes together as planned.

Deputy is our staff scheduling software. We think it’s the best ultimate employee management solution for shift-based work and love to tell anyone who will listen about it – we think it’s great! Gone are the days of scheduling shifts via email and tracking rotas by spreadsheet. Plus, it allows us to offer shifts to those in the location of the venue. So, if we have an event on the Isle of Bute, we’ll have a team from the Isle of Bute working it. Simple, easy staffing scheduling at our fingertips.

We’re all ears! To discuss food, events or venues, get in touch. We can chat informally or make a full presentation of our services