At Hickory we think there is nothing better than a cocktail with a local twist. Celebrate St Andrew’s Day with one of our fabulous Scottish cocktails! Check out 3 of our simple recipes you can do at home featuring Drambuie, Glenkinchie & NB Gin. Enjoy!

The Rob Roy (a Scottish Manhattan)

The Manhattan: a simple but powerful cocktail, made famous by Some Like it Hot and loved on both sides of the pond. This one, made with Scottish whisky rather than the usual bourbon – adjust measures to make as sweet or dry as you like.

  1. Fill your cocktail glass with ice and cold water
  2. Add 50ml of your favourite whisky, 25ml sweet vermouth and a couple of drops of Angostura bitters to your cocktail shaker
  3. Fill with ice, and shake until you feel condensation on the shaker; this means it’s at the perfect temperature!
  4. Strain into your glass and swipe some freshly-cut orange peel around the rim
  5. Drop a couple of Maraschino cherries in and enjoy!

All Above the Border

Combining local Scottish whisky, gin and some fresh raspberries, this cocktail couldn’t be more appealing. This tasty but simple recipe comes from our friends at NB Gin.

  1. Add 40ml NB Gin, 12.5ml Glenkinchie whisky, 20ml of raspberry syrup to your shaker
  2. Fill with ice, and using a long spoon, stir about 20-25 times
  3. Strain into your chilled glass and serve

Drambuie Hot Toddy

Everyone loves a good Hot Toddy when the cold weather hits. The spices and honey in Drambuie combined with hot apple make it especially good for the run-up to Christmas – and a perfect serve for St Andrews Day.

  1. Heat 125ml of apple juice and add to a heatproof glass with a handle
  2. Add 35ml of Drambuie and a squeeze of lemon juice
  3. Give it a stir, and garnish with a stick of cinnamon


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Picture sources: 1, 2 and 3. Used under Edited by Hickory, copyright retained by authors.