Our Culinary Development Team has been hard at work devising brand new seasonal menus that are currently rolling out across our venues.

Our Food & Drink Development Executive, Katy Tan, has taken the lead to devise and implement a range of new dishes and drinks, working hard to understand the best ways we can work with suppliers local to our venues to discover flavours that will create exciting experiences for our customers and clients, challenging their perceptions and leaving them stunned with our work.

Katy first attended food insight conferences towards the start of the year, using these to identify what the future of food and drink looks like, and the desires and needs of our customers. One of the sessions she attended was by the team at Lumina Intelligence, which presented fascinating insights into the culture of food consumption in the UK.

Discussing these at our recent autumn menu tasting session for our team of Event Designers, Katy revealed that a whopping 42% of consumers now identify as ‘flexitarian’; or making a conscious effort to reduce their meat consumption. On top of this, 72% of the population is actively trying to reduce their food waste, and 1 in 4 consumers now consider a restaurant based on its sustainability credentials.


With these fascinating insights to guide her, Katy set out to develop an Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer menu that harnessed the very best of what Scotland’s larder has to offer, whilst meeting the demands of our customers and catering to the changing diets of the British population. Determined to produce plant-based dishes not to be seen as an ‘alternative’ to other dishes, but rather being enticing flagship dishes that work with unique and complex flavour portfolios, sure to satisfy the guest lucky enough to enjoy them.

To reduce food waste, Katy also worked with our Culinary Development Team, based in our East Lothian concept kitchen, to devise ways to make use of excess food waste. For example, we’ve been experimenting with dehydrated potato peel to create interesting and unique textures. We’ve also been using powder derived from dehydrated carrot and celery leaves to create a depth of flavour in our dishes that was before unachievable.