A commitment to high standards.

It’s reassuring to know when you’re trusting us with an event that we take the quality of our delivery seriously and have a robust business framework in place. Hickory has adopted the principles of ISO9001 and has integrated ISO9001 Quality Management System (QMS) into our culture.

Dedication. Investment.

Our investment in the QMS has;

  • Supported effective business leadership
  • Promoted customer focus
  • Enhanced company culture
  • Supported us to manage new innovations
  • Improved the overall profitability of the business
  • And enhanced the strength of our partnerships

We strive to deliver the very best hospitality experiences through our award-winning food and drink. Our Quality Management System and commitment to our ISO accreditation lets you know we’re serious about delivering consistently to the highest standards.

Brian Galbraith
Executive Director

Since our launch 10 years ago, we have been driven by a strong desire to deliver excellence and quality. We have adopted a Quality Management System, integrating ISO9001 into our culture. Accreditation gives reassurance to our customers that we have a robust business management framework in place. Our all-encompassing quality system touches every part of our business, from product quality, waste and energy management to staff development and training. Going the extra mile to deliver our commitment to quality has helped us win numerous high-profile business and industry awards. We have a taste for success, and have no intention of settling for anything less.