We pride ourselves on delivering the highest levels of service to all of our clients and recognise the importance of maintaining our strict quality assurance standards to ensure all our services not only meet, but exceed, the expectations of our clients.

We’re committed to continuous improvement and have been working hard behind-the-scenes recently to achieve our ISO 9001 accreditation (🎉)!

Our quality considerations start at the first point of contact with our clients. We treat the initial briefing meeting and subsequent client meetings as important mechanisms to ensure effective quality throughout the contract and delivery of the event. We value the feedback of our teams, clients and consumers and use this feedback to inform our goals, objectives and improvement plans.

With a robust Quality Management System (QMS) now in place, we’ve seen efficiencies across the business, with a promoted customer focus, enhanced company culture and improved overall profitability being just a handful of indicators of the value of adopting ISO 9001 QMS into the culture of our business.

We strive to deliver the very best hospitality experiences through our award-winning food and drink. Our ISO commitment lets you know we’re serious about delivering consistently to the highest standards.

Find out more about our commitment to excellence, here, or get in touch today to start planning your event .