Aim for amazing.

Our Values: BoldGenuineRespectPartnershipsExcellence

Every service and event is trying to impress someone. Clients. Customers. Wedding guests. Friends. Spectators. Festival goers. We never underestimate that opportunity. Ten years ago we did it with sheer passion and a keen eye for trends and creative innovation. A decade on, and we’ve invested heavily in our systems, teams and technology to bring you our trademark Hickory originality with precision planning.

Our Vision

  • To be the market leader for delivering bold and exciting food & drink, with impeccable service in innovative environments that gets talked about and sets the highest standard for our industry.

Our Mission

  • To deliver the very best hospitality experiences through amazing food and drink. Our award-winning food, drink and service is premium, and value is created for our customers in the incredible hospitality we deliver every step of the way.

Our Culture

  • As a bold and ambitious company, we’re striving for continual improvements across our processes, products, for our planet and for our people and communities.

Our Food

  • Honest, seasonal, local ingredients that pack a punch. We’re adventurous when it comes to showcasing the best produce from our land & seas and we do this with innovation and genuine passion.

Hickory company values


We make creative choices that inspire innovative opportunities for our clients, our teams and the industry. We own our choices, and they make us stand out from the crowd.


We operate with decency, we are true to our word and build authentic relationships and experiences.


We treat others how we’d like to be treated ourselves. We respect our people, places and planet, and if we say we’ll do it, we deliver it, exactly.


We take time to nurture relationships, collaborating in the most creative ways to find effective methods of delivering success.


We go the extra mile to deliver on our commitment to quality work. Our training and development is second to none thanks to our all-encompassing quality system.