Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh

9 Queen Street, Edinburgh

Few buildings offer such a brilliant meld of historic elegance and state of the art facilities. Since 2018, it’s been our great pleasure to be a trusted catering partner to the Royal College of Physicians Edinburgh.

Micro level detail

It’s safe to say that by now we know the anatomy of every room, staircase and kitchen in the building. Which is exactly what’s needed for well-executed events.

Every detail of every room at the venue is captured in our Operating Procedures Handbook. Your dedicated Account Manager and Planner know exactly what size additional ovens need to be, why steak tartare is off the menu, and what to do if someone does ask ‘Is there a doctor in the house?’.

Featured as one of the best wedding venues in Scotland
Conde Naste Traveller, May 2023


Want to theme break-out spaces? Or create an intimate candle-lit wedding ambiance? Let us help you style for maximum impact.

  • Fresh ideas: Advice on current styling, food service and drinks trends.
  • Custom touches: Want branded water bottles for delegates? We are very happy to work with you on ideas and messaging opportunities..
  • Trusted suppliers: Flowers, tech equipment etc.. tap into the contacts we trust to deliver.

Timing. The other art form.

At conferences and meeting events, guests will want to eat and then mingle. Working alongside Hickory you’ll feel confident the programme of events will run in a timely manner giving you and your guests maximum time to network and communicate.

Previous Hickory X Royal College of Physicians examples

  • Dinner for guests with wide ranging allergies and preferences.
  • Special wedding children’s area including a dedicated children’s menu.


Everyone wants the food choices to feel bountiful and exciting. The real skill is in ensuring there’s minimal wastage after the event. Hickory continues to advise and work collaboratively with venues on sustainability best practices, and we’re pushing ourselves each year to do more. During 2023, we are undertaking research, with event owners, buyers and customers which will take a closer look at the world of dietary preferences in a bid to better inform future food choices.

Why choose Hickory for your event at the Royal College of Physicians?

  • Strong working knowledge of layouts and audio-visual set-up
  • Complete understanding of restrictions and workarounds
  • Knowledge of the venue means accurate pricing
  • Experienced collaborative team
  • Clear progress and transparency via our digital planning tool Hickory Hub
  • Creatively driven food, drink and styling
  • Commitment to sustainability

Why choose Hickory for your event at Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh?

We ensure quality management systems with ISO 9001Commitment to sustainabilityComplete understanding of restrictions and workaroundsCreatively driven food, drink and stylingOur knowledge of the venue means accurate pricingA highly experienced and collaborative teamTrack live events via our digital planning tool, Hickory HubExcellent knowledge of layouts and audio-visual set-up

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