Venison steaks – seasonal, satisfying and delicious. When cooked perfectly – seared on the outside, pink in the middle – it’s wonderfully comforting but a little bit special.

2 5oz venison haunch steaks

500ml good quality supermarket jus

1 glass of red wine

1 sprig of thyme

4 squares dark chocolate

1kg rooster potatoes, peeled

250g unsalted butter

Place jus, wine and thyme in pot, add to hob and reduce by half or until syrupy.

Stir in the chocolate.

Heat pan until smoking, add oil, season venison and place in pan.

Cook both sides for 4 minutes until the outside is caramelised, then place to one side and rest for 5 minutes.

Place mash in centre of plate and slice venison into three. The venison should be pink in the middle, but if not, place under grill until cooked.

Pour jus over and around plate and enjoy!


Venison picture source. Used under Copyright retained by author.