Curiouser and curiouser… our Alice in Wonderland inspired Mad Hatter’s Tea Party menu is perfect for those looking for something that’s a little different from the norm. Like the famous Disney film, it’s a little bit quirky and some things aren’t quite as they appear. What a perfect surprise for your guests at your corporate event, wedding or party!

The delicious food will begging you to ‘Eat Me’. A mix of sweet and savoury flavours, and a few surprising but delicious combinations make this a menu you won’t forget in a hurry. When else can you enjoy beetroot and rose marshmallow sticks and Cheshire Cat cheesy grin puff pastries?

Start your tea party off with our giant sandwich, with cheese and pickle at one end and ham and tomato at the other and indulge in sweet and sour fairy mushrooms on toast. Then try our amazing tomato jelly with a Dormouse surprise. Then move on to our chocolate and banana brownie with a surprise popping candy sprinkle, they’re incredible!

The Queen of Hearts would certainly approve of our strawberry jam tarts and Dealers’ donuts, with Nutella cream topping and playing card wafers. The Caterpillar eclairs are really worth shouting about, with a wonderful lemon cream filling, topped with orange and chocolate icing. Did we mention our confused cupcakes? They look like the colour of lemons, but taste of parma violets.

Wash it all down with iced tea served in tea posts and cups or fruit juice jam, in either apple, orange or cranberry. Or go for one of our milk bottle shakes, in scrumptious chocolate, strawberry or banana.

It may sound a little strange, but we’re all mad here. It’s most certainly delicious, and will send your taste buds off down the rabbit hole and into wonderland.

We’d never be late for your important date. Interested? Get in touch with us to book your event now.