We caught up with our talented Development Chef, Robbie, to chat about what’s new in the world of catering trends.

Is there anything you’ve noticed that’s really popular at the moment?

Sharing platters are having a real moment in the catering world, as it feels like every event is requesting one right now, which shows a definite trend right now for more sociable eating. It’s all about sticking a load of good food on the table, sharing the moment and tucking in with your other guests.

In the UK, what trends are emerging?

In my opinion, the world is still watching the Scandinavians. If I were starting again as a kid, I would look there for inspiration rather than opting for the classic French and European routes, as fantastic as they are.  I personally love the use of ‘here and now’ / ‘time and place’ ingredients, with natural, stylish presentation which the Scandinavians use – it’s these seemingly simple combinations of quality, local ingredients, which make their food so interesting and is a theme which can be seen throughout Hickory’s menus.

How is this seen as a theme in Hickory’s menus?

Foraging is a major foundation for Scandinavian cuisine, which us Brits have now cottoned on to and really embraced.  This will stick around for a good while, but it could become over used on menus, just to tick boxes, and less understood by the users. I think it’s very important to remember our connection to the ground and where our food comes from, and teach this to all of our kitchen team.

Are there any other noteworthy catering trends right now?

There’s also been a lot of chat around about the Americans and Australians producing great food in the major cities (Melbourne, New York etc). However, I like the idea that we’re looking a bit deeper into the hidden spots, like villages in Vietnam or Venezuela where they are producing simple, no fuss food. I love seeing how they use unusual

[to us] ingredients that are on their doorstep and how they are cooked with their own techniques and styles.

How does Hickory incorporate current trends into their menus?

For Hickory, we are always looking at new ways of serving our food. Our food is evolving all the time, as we are constantly re-evaluating and developing our dishes. We keep a close eye on up and coming trends, crockery, display stands and serving methods. These things not only help to make us visually appealing, they help to give our clients a bit of theatre. Trust me, that’s not an easy feat in a room of 200 guests.

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