Our talented chefs here at Hickory have created a special Edinburgh themed conference dinner menu in celebration of joining the catering panel at the city’s Assembly Rooms venue.

The menu forms part of our conference offering at the George Street venue and has been created to give visiting delegates, who might not have any time to explore Edinburgh, a flavour of what the capital has to offer.

After London, Edinburgh plays host to the second highest number of international conferences in the UK. However, with the average conference trip lasting less than 24 hours, delegates often don’t get the chance to experience the Scottish capital, which is what inspired our creative chefs to devise the special menu.

Through dishes such as Old Fishmarket Close, Cannonball Sorbet and The Festival Fringe we are offering delegates the opportunity to experience ‘Auld Reekie’ through dishes that use locally sourced ingredients from the forests, fields, rivers and sea around Edinburgh and the Lothians.

This is what Robbie Gleave, our development chef, had to say about our inspired new menu: “Edinburgh is steeped in history, mystery, culture and beauty, but unfortunately most delegates won’t be able to properly experience this. The Assembly Rooms is a historic and beautiful part of Edinburgh’s rich history and, as such, the food served should be a match for this. We hope our menu helps to attract delegates back to experience our city on a grander scale and visit where their Portobello apples and brambles came from.”

Shona Clelland, Cultural Venues Development Manager for Assembly Rooms, said: “Food is a crucial part of any event so it is great to see our panel offering such creative and exciting options.”

Why not get in touch today to plan your event at the luxurious Assembly Rooms in the heart of the City centre and try out our inspired Edinburgh themed conference dinner menu.