There are so many amazing food and drink trends emerging for spring 2016. Do you know what’s trending?

Colour plays a massive role in the relationship between food and drink, and it looks like this trend isn’t about to disappear any time soon. In our opinion, food should always be well presented and so delicious you remember it months and even years later. We expect this trend will stick around for a while! It’s a fantastic way to make the food pop off the plate!

We believe that in the digital age, this next trend is only going to grow. We always bear in mind that our food should be (what we like to call) Instagram-able. These photo worthy dishes will make your guests at your event want to snap a quick photo of their gorgeously presented meal to post and share with their friends on their favoured social media networks, before tucking in.  We’re always looking at ways we can bring in colour and add to the flavour to make yours a dish that you won’t forget in a hurry.

Also fitting in with the digital generation is the street food trend, which is really popular in the UK right now. People are becoming more hands-on with their food, from chaats and samosas to hog roasts and burgers. We have the skills to create amazing bespoke pop up food stalls just for you and your guests, with food of your choosing. We aim to excite with every dish that we create, both in terms of taste and visual appearance, whilst still being health conscious and catering to any dietary requirements. We’re confident everyone will be equally surprised and delighted with the results.

2016 is all also about pop up bars, which can vary from a specific cocktail or spirit to wine, beer or champagne. We can set you up with pop up bars of luscious non-alcoholic cocktails too.

Next week, we’ll be looking at Asian wedding décor trends for 2016. Contact us to discuss a bespoke menu for your big day.