Flour. The simplest and oldest of commodities. It’s been around in one form or another since man’s history began, and it will surely be around forever more. This is an ingredient the consumer has taken for granted. It has been abused and neglected and unappreciated, as consumption of bread, cakes, pastries and biscuits across the western world has gone through the roof. The manufacturer’s demands on costs and over processing has been cruel to the ‘wee guy’ that strives to stick to his principles and deliver us the finest and healthiest of ingredients.

At Hickory we are proud to be part of a modern thinking brand, where our philosophies work in tandem with our suppliers. We accept that we need to spend a little extra to play our part in sustaining our food partners. We turn their ingredients into dishes that add value to our brand. Our clients appreciate our principles and expect us to deliver the finest events imaginable.

Recently The Green Man, Steve ‘Pie Not’ and I headed out to Mungoswells Farm to make some new friends. Ivan was delighted that we are able to choose our own suppliers and are really keen to hunt down the best of the east. And why do we do this? We do it because we want to. It’s not a box ticking exercise. It’s about philosophy. Put your efforts where your mouth is and be bothered to do the right thing.  It’s not enough to simply ‘believe’ in something. From belief, we move to desire and hunger and hard work – because of an ambition to bring the ideals together.

Our recently-developed rum and rosemary cakes. Our ‘becoming-legendary’ savoury shorties. Our homemade wholemeal hamper loaves. Our partner’s pies. Tamling’s hot toffee pudding.  All now have ‘Mungoswells flour’ written into the recipe-specification files with many, many more dishes to follow – as this becomes our ‘standard’ but very special ingredient.

Read more about the Hickory team’s visit to Mungoswells next week…