We’ve teamed up with some of the best gin brands in Scotland at the Royal Highland Show 2016. We’re running the bar to be seen at, our stunning Botanical Garden gin bar, with these awesome brands in tow. We thought we’d give you a sneak peek with some more info about these delicious gins. Here we go…

Porters Gin believe that balancing botanical flavours in a gin is an art form, and we couldn’t agree more. The result of their secret botanical recipe is a super high quality gin with a classic bold juniper body. This means you get a unique, fresh citrus-y taste. Yum.

Daffy’s Gin like to do things differently. Their stand-out botanical ingredient – Lebanese mint – makes this a fresh tasting, smooth and truly original gin. Pssst… there’s also surprising hints of citrus and red fruit! It’s really refreshing.

Distilled in the heart of Edinburgh’s west end lies Edinburgh Gin. Inspiration for their gin is taken from the iconic Scottish landmarks just a stone’s throw away, like the Scot Monument and Edinburgh Castle. Their botanical ingredients are mixed in with heather and milk thistle for a real taste of Scotland’s capital.

At the opposite coast of Scotland is Makar Glasgow Gin, made from the finest juniper berries around. When combined with 7 other botanicals, the flavour really comes alive. If you ask us, this bright, vibrant gin certainly lives up to its poetic name.

Is cucumber your garnish of choice? You’re sure to be a big fan of Hendricks’s Gin then. Their refreshing gin contains a secret concoction of botanicals including flowers, roots, fruits and seeds from all over the world. This sets the stage for a delicious gin infused with rose petal and cucumber. Lovely.

Have you heard about Walter Gregor’s Tonic? It’s the first handmade artisan tonic water that’s 100% Scottish. It’s the perfect mixer for all you boutique gin lovers as, it’s clear, crisp and refreshing. Do you prefer sipping on your gin with real lemonade or craft soda? You’re sure to love Summerhouse Drinks, made with 100% natural ingredients. Mmmmm.

We’ve so many other awesome gin brands working with us too. Want more info? Feel free to drop us a message with any questions.