We’re excited to be at the Royal Highland Show 2016, with our sub brand Hickory Bars launching our fabulous artisan gin bar, ‘The Botanical Garden’. Our Botanical Garden celebrates the merging of plants, drinks and people. If there is any place to showcase this, it’s at the Royal Highland Show, where all elements live and breathe as one. We couldn’t be more excited if we tried!

If you ask us, every great drink starts with a plant and the aim of this bar is to showcase all of the extraordinary and obscure plants we’ve acquired to make our incredible drinks; a few are dangerous, some are downright bizarre and one is even as old as a dinosaur!

The bar will be transformed into a botanical garden themed haven, where we’ll be working with a number of well-known Scottish gin brands to create the ultimate gin experience. We’ll also have a bar with other drinks including draughts and soft drinks, so even if you’re not a gin fan, you can still enjoy the space.

The space and bar area will be dressed up in collaboration with our drink sponsors and partners (think marvellous Scottish boutique gins – we’ll announce who soon!), be covered in plants and will impress our guests with amazing drinks and a stunning bar area, coupled with a comfortable drinking environment. Did we mention there’ll be interactive games too?

We’re literally shaking with excitement at the thought of our new venture. Get your Highland Show tickets at the ready, because this launch is an event you’re not going to want to miss. And you’ll enjoy the best cocktails you’ve ever tasted. Trust us.

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