This summer we had the pleasure of Eilidh Mutch, a 5th year student from George Heriot’s School, joining us for some work experience at Hickory HQ. Eilidh is looking to pursue a career in business and has always shown an interest in the hospitality industry, so joining team Hickory for a week seemed like the perfect introduction.

Over to you Eilidh…

My week at Hickory was carefully planned from start to finish. Before my week had even begun Trine Patterson, the HR manager, had sent me a detailed itinerary of what I was scheduled to do during the week. This was a great start because I knew exactly what to expect each day and it definitely settled my nerves.

On the first day, I went to Stafford Street to spend time with the marketing department. My nerves were immediately calmed when I was welcomed by everyone. When Jack and Lucy sat down face to face with me and told me about the business and their roles, I realised just how much effort had been put into me coming. One of the tasks I was asked to do was to write a blog, this was definitely out of my comfort zone but when I got started I actually found it really interesting and fun to write about. When I saw my finished blog on the Dunglass website I was really proud!

I went to Eskmills Venue on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday where Hickory’s headquarters are based. Again, everyone was really welcoming and I really appreciated that I was introduced to everybody within the team. I was lucky enough to be able to sit in on the events meeting and although it was longer than I expected, I found it really interesting to find out what was involved in everyone’s roles and what they were working on. It was such a good way for me to learn about event planning.  I then carried out some data input tasks which was actually really useful, although it wasn’t the most exciting task I’m sure I’ll need to do something similar in the future!

On Thursday I was lucky enough to go to the Royal Highland Show which was such a fun day. I was helping the marketing team advertise Hickory’s Botanical Gin Garden by handing out flyers and inviting people to come and see the bar.  At first I was quite shy before approaching people to tell them about the Gin bar, but again the friendly team at Hickory encouraged me to really go for it and I soon got into it and ended up really enjoying myself. The sun was shining all day and I met some really nice people. I loved the feeling when I got people to go into the bar and spend money (some clearly spent quite a bit judging by their increased happiness levels!).

On Friday I spent the day with Callum, from front of house, setting up for a wedding which was such a nice way to end the week.  Callum was such good fun to work with and kept teaching me new skills like how to box a table, how to fold napkins and how to correctly set a table. These were all really useful skills to take on board especially now I am working front of house with Hickory.

Looking back at all the things I learnt, I’m so grateful that the Hickory team put the time in to plan an incredible week. I got so much out of my week, from learning how a business runs to boosting my confidence. After my week with Hickory, I know for sure I want to study business and go on to work for a business like Hickory in the future.

I have done a couple of front of house shifts with Hickory and I’m scheduled for lots more throughout the next couple of weeks. I’ve enjoyed working these shifts because I’ve been able to see some of the truly special events that Hickory organises. I’m so pleased to now be part of the Hickory team, as it really is a great business!