Your wedding day is all about you. The venue, chosen guests, styling, colours, speeches, music – everyone is there to participate and enjoy celebrating your love.

The thing is, if you and your partner are vegan, it can be difficult to find venues or catering to suit your lifestyle. This is where The Hickory Vegan Wedding Breakfast comes in. It’s your chance to show off your beliefs, your commitment to the planet and of course your personality while giving your guests the chance to try your favourite flavours and provide a meal they’ll remember and rave about!

Hickory delivered several vegan weddings in 2017 and since our Development Chef, Robbie Gleave, created the menus, the interest and commitment has only increased.  Our 2017 wedding couples chose to have a vegan menu for all of their guests so that everyone could enjoy the same meal together and it allowed a number of guests to see just how spectacular vegan dishes can be. The meals are completely plant-based and give an amazing sensory experience.

With the demand growing, our chefs have worked tirelessly to create an outstanding brand new 2018/2019 Vegan Wedding Menu which includes a selection of delicious, vegan canapés which all pack a flavour punch.

Working closely with our dedicated suppliers, our new menus are bursting with vibrant veg, gourmet grains and innovative flavours, all showcasing the finest seasonal and locally sourced ingredients. Not only that but a number of allergies and intolerances are also covered in the new menus, giving greater flexibility to couples when choosing their wedding menu.

If you’re looking for a vegan menu for your wedding day, we’ve got a host of options to suit your taste and style. Here is just a sample of our menus and we can work with you to create the wedding menu you’ve been dreaming of.


The Hickory Vegan Wedding Breakfast


Marinated olive with pipette of gazpacho sauce (gluten free)

Butternut squash soup shot with maple syrup (gluten free)

Cucumber ribbons with pickled ginger, mange tout and radish (gluten free)


Thai mango salad with peanut dressing and nasturtiums (gluten free)

Mezze style salad of cumin roasted cauliflower, shaved roasted vegetables, beetroot hummus, peppered heirloom tomatoes, little leaves and oatcakes (gluten free)

Platter of three melons, grape and physallis salsa and red wine vinegar syrup


‘Risotto’ of red quinoa, red wine, radicchio and kidney beans. Finished with fresh herbs, balsamic vinegar syrup and grilled vegetables

Slow roasted collar of squash with sun blush tomato and courgettes, panko and almond crumbs and pesto rosso.

Miso roasted aubergine steak, heritage carrots, chargrilled spring onion, sweet potato and coriander purée


Cinnamon spiced apple and sultana crumble with oaty hazelnut top and shot of almond milk and vanilla spiced brandy sauce (gluten free)

Strawberry cheesecake with dates and cashews (gluten free)

Chilled strawberry, chia seed and rose possets with coconut


Get in touch with our friendly and professional team to discuss your dream day and to find out more about our Vegan Wedding Package