Like the idea of raising the bard and treating clients to a Burns Supper, but not sure the basic haggis, neeps and tatties will quite cut the mustard? And if your guests aren’t Scottish, might the visceral nature of the traditional fare (‘gushing entrails bright’ etc) be a little daunting? Well, we’ve got plenty of ways to surprise and delight even the most baffled non-Scot – here are just a few ideas our clever chefs would use to entice reluctant Burns Nighters:

Haggis & Whisky Mini Rolls

Utterly sublime little ‘sausage’ rolls – ideal as canapés – using haggis and a few magic ingredients baked in flaky pastry.

Venison Haggis with Port

Variations on a theme don’t always work, but this gamey version definitely does.

Red Berry Sauce

A rich concoction involving rowanberry jelly, thyme, and a splash of whisky. This adds a lovely fruity edge to regular haggis.

And to drink? Well, obviously purists would insist on a fine single malt to be taken throughout the meal, but we do like to ring the changes and think you wouldn’t offend anyone with a tray of Rusty Nails to kick off with at a Burns occasion. Simply three parts whisky to one part Drambuie with an optional twist of lemon. Surely the essence of Scotland – and one we think Rabbie would have mightily approved of.