As an industry, Hospitality experienced a substantial decrease in the workforce following the pandemic. Alongside a range of businesses, we have invested with Hospitality Rising to help support and showcase the incredible industry and career opportunities for everyone within the sector.  

Hospitality Rising will create the biggest hospitality recruitment campaign the UK has ever seen and at Hickory, we are proud to be playing our part in raising funds for the movement.

As Hospitality professionals, we have been fortunate to experience minimal impact of the crisis to date, though its impact is significant. Through the success of our employee referral scheme and career progression opportunities offered to all our team members, we have built an experienced leadership team who lead the way in supporting the growth and aspirations of Hickory 

Despite this, only 1 in 5 people nationally would consider working in Hospitality. We have joined the growing list of supporters to help change this perception and to showcase the incredible industry and opportunities available in Hospitality. 

Find out more about the movement and learn about careers at Hickory.