Healthy Snacks, not Guilty Pleasures

Healthy Snacks, not Guilty Pleasures

In the spirit of New Year detox resolutions and the welcome shift towards healthier eating, our pioneering development chef, Robbie Gleave has come up with a terrific menu for corporate/conference snacking. Moving away from calorie-laden nibbles and the usual fudge and tablet offerings (delicious though they are) Robbie is embracing his inner vegan with some super-healthy options that are kind to your body but still utterly delicious. Using veg rather than sugar-laden fruit, his Mini Muffins are a real revelation, while the Bitter Chocolate and Nut Clusters contain the magical properties of dark chocolate (crammed with antioxidants) and a protein kick to boot.

Combine our healthy snack menu with our eco-package at Eskmills Venue and you’ll be boosting the green credentials of your organisation in one fell swoop. Or just substitute one of these instead of a pastry-based canapé in the office, and do your bit for the corporate waistline. . .

Hickory’s Healthy Snack Menu

Popcorn, home popped in local supplier Black and Gold rapeseed oil with a dusting of brewer’s yeast

The Hickory Muesli Bars

Feta and Mint Savoury Scones

Three Dried Fruits and Three Nuts Nibble Pot

No Butter, No Sugar Mini Muffins:Courgette and Pine Nuts or Carrots and walnuts

Bitter Chocolate and Nut Clusters

Oven Baked Root Vegetable Crisps


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