In the spirit of New Year detox resolutions and the welcome shift towards healthier eating, our pioneering development chef, Robbie Gleave has come up with a terrific menu for corporate/conference snacking. Moving away from calorie-laden nibbles and the usual fudge and tablet offerings (delicious though they are) Robbie is embracing his inner vegan with some super-healthy options that are kind to your body but still utterly delicious. Using veg rather than sugar-laden fruit, his Mini Muffins are a real revelation, while the Bitter Chocolate and Nut Clusters contain the magical properties of dark chocolate (crammed with antioxidants) and a protein kick to boot.

Combine our healthy snack menu with our eco-package at Eskmills Venue and you’ll be boosting the green credentials of your organisation in one fell swoop. Or just substitute one of these instead of a pastry-based canapé in the office, and do your bit for the corporate waistline. . .

Hickory’s Healthy Snack Menu

Popcorn, home popped in local supplier Black and Gold rapeseed oil with a dusting of brewer’s yeast

The Hickory Muesli Bars

Feta and Mint Savoury Scones

Three Dried Fruits and Three Nuts Nibble Pot

No Butter, No Sugar Mini Muffins:Courgette and Pine Nuts or Carrots and walnuts

Bitter Chocolate and Nut Clusters

Oven Baked Root Vegetable Crisps