We’ve got some really good Hickory news for 2016 – in the first 3 months of this year, we’ve managed to send 49.88% of all our waste to be recycled. This is a huge achievement as last year we only recycled on average 39.14%.

Respecting and embracing the environment is one of our key business values. In 2015, we set out to achieve a gold award within the Green Tourism Business Scheme, which we accomplished in January 2016. Prior to joining this, we’d already been making a conscious effort to reduce our environmental impact. We feel our recent achievement towards our environmental goals is one definitely worth shouting about, even though we’re working to improve it even more.

Reducing food waste is always a key priority for us. Through careful planning from our talented Development Chef and Head Chef, any food waste produced by us is taken care of by a local waste recycling service. This service ensures waste is processed in an anaerobic digestion plant, which is then used to generate green electricity and bio fertilizer for agricultural use.

We’re constantly monitoring our energy consumption and implementing policies to help us improve our efficiency and reduce waste. We’re aware of the energy costs of our activities and have reduced this with the use of efficient technology throughout our business, such as motion sensors, low level lighting and self-closing taps.

We can’t thank everyone in our team enough, as it’s down us all to put the effort in to achieve these targets. We’ve big plans to do another huge push to help get us into a position where we proudly recycle over the 50% of all waste. We’ve got our Green Team meetings planned already to help us get going. Watch this space!

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