Hickory caters weddings all over Scotland, from our own stylish Eskmills Venue to castles in Aberdeenshire. Robbie Gleave, our Development Chef, talks about how he and his team ensure each wedding menu is a memorable part of a couple’s wedding day.

How do you go about creating a wedding menu?

I would encourage my brides and grooms to speak to me about favourite ingredients and styles. I can incorporate them into the menus. Weddings tend to bring together people from all walks of life and with that many, many different food preferences.  Our wedding menus can offer a simplicity that appeals to all diners or bespoke offers that really reflect the clients own taste and wishes. Whatever menus I write, I know my team will handle the ingredients with skill,  care and appreciation and aim to deliver our promise to you.

How do you make a wedding menu unique?

I would hope to offer a lot of familiarity of ingredients with the initial menus but add unique points of interest. A caraway seeded melba toast for example or nori seaweed meringues.  A quirky way of presenting something can add real value. A brulee in tiny jam jar, a photo frame with a picture of the bride and groom smiling through the canapes, a cinnamon fragranced lantern to hide the petit fours.

What’s the most unusual request you’ve accommodated for a wedding menu? 

I was once given a plate – pink – and asked to match a dessert to it (the plate matched the table cloth.The cloth matched the cushions, which matched the carpet etc…). Raspberries, marshmallows, ice cream, meringues, chilled sweet fruit soup – each item had to be a particular shade of ‘rouge’. So add a little cream here, a drop of strawberry purée there, a touch of beetroot juice…the bride (and especially her mother) were delighted with the final presentation…in fact, you could say they were tickled pink!

We have lots of innovative ideas that can help make your big day really personal to you as well as being an occasion all of your guests will love. Whether you choose one of our partner venues or a place that is romantically important to you both, we are still on hand to plan, design and discreetly deliver a day that you will fondly remember for the rest of your lives.

We want to make your day perfect. Get in touch with us and let’s get together to discuss some options.