Not one to sit around twiddling his thumbs, we asked Chef Rob just what he’s been rustling up to keep himself busy during the current social distancing. We weren’t surprised by how much he’s managing to fit in so we’ll share his top ideas over the coming weeks. Why not take a leaf out of Rob’s book and create something tasty for you to look forward to after working from home or going out for your exercise this week!

Wonderful Wild Garlic

“On my ‘once-a-day-exercise’ stroll around the local woods I gathered a bag-full of wild garlic. Back home I whipped up a spicy pickle syrup and used this to preserve the buds. These will last for ages and give me terrific finishing touches to salads and charcuteries throughout the year (if they don’t get eaten in the next week or so!)

Half of the leaves are shredded for tonight’s stir fry and the rest are mixed with a load of home-grown parsley then turned into the best pesto ever, to be eaten with almost every meal for the foreseeable future! Wild garlic pesto (heavy on the parmesan and lemon juice) might just be in my list of top ten food favourites!”

– Rob Gleave, Hickory Development Chef