Radical Rhubarb

Hickory Development Chef Robbie Gleave has been busy in his veg patch for this week’s lockdown cooking installment.

“There’s something very satisfying about growing and picking your own fruit and veg – with just a few hours of time and possibly a few cheap seed packets, it’s free food! We don’t even have to have the conversation about being local and seasonal.

The superstar early performer in my veg patch is rhubarb. You can practically see it growing! It hardly taken any time from just waking up a couple of weeks ago to being ready to harvest, and I took my first crop of the season into the kitchen.”


Rhubarb Recipes

“I cooked some of the smallest, brightest rhubarb with a little agave nectar and grenadine. This was blitzed into a purée and I will use that later as a delicious filling for some doughnuts.

I added a few drops of rose water to another rhubarb pan and made jam.

For the third pan of rhubarb, I added just a little honey and cinnamon to make a delicious breakfast compote.

In another week or so and the next crop will be ready to harvest and this powerful plant will keep on giving right through the Spring. It freezes pretty well, so if I can’t keep up with the ‘deliveries’ then it can be gifted to friends or stored for later.”

Stay tuned to see what Rob gets up to in the next week while on lockdown. Hear what Hickory are up to during lockdown on last week’s blog.