Hickory Development Chef Robbie Gleave shares his best-ever granola recipe in his next instalment of his lockdown diary.

“There’s nothing better for breakfast (or a cheeky late night nibble) than homemade granola.  Mine is packed full of nuts and seeds, drizzled and baked with maple syrup. There aren’t many kitchen aromas nicer than this and it’s super-easy to put together.

Best of all, you don’t need to worry at all you don’t have the exact same ingredients each time you make it. If a recipe or idea calls for sesame seeds that I don’t have, I will use flax seeds. Out of almonds? No problem, I can just use the hazelnuts I already have. Chefs always have base recipes in their heads but know lots of easy ingredient substitutes to get maximum flavours and textures from dishes from things they already have in their cupboards.”