Imagine staying in a 15th Century magnificent Castle, surrounded by beautiful scenery, where you can rest in a bedroom, previously occupied by Mary Queen of Scots, in your four poster bed which is fit for a queen, decked in rich, red brocade drapes. This dream can become a reality, at Borthwick Castle.

The final part of this series takes a look at the 11 opulent bedchambers on offer for accommodation for guests and wedding parties at this incredible venue. 4 of these bedchambers are in the North Tower of the Castle and the other 7 in the South. These rooms are each luxuriously decorated and while retaining the original medieval feel, also have all necessary modern amenities.

The North Tower houses one of the most striking and impressive bedchambers in the Castle, named ‘The Earl of Bothwell’. This gentleman was said to have heaps of ambition and allegedly seduced Mary, Queen of Scots, into marrying him. The room has a strong masculine feel to it, with deep blue and gold hues. The suite boasts a king size 4 poster bed that is a replica of the bed King James IV, Mary’s son, slept in when he was crowned the King of England.

The South Tower houses one of the most famous bedchambers in the Castle, named ‘Mary Queen of Scots’, where Mary stayed several times, both herself and with her husband, the Earl of Bothwell.  This bedchamber has a private access door into the State Room and Mary’s chapel. The room is lavishly decorated with golden opulence and a regal canopy hand-carved oak bed, which is inspired by the Stuart era royal sleeping chambers (and Mary’s bed) on display in Holyrood Palace. The room also boasts two seating alcoves with breath-taking views and a large medieval fireplace.

Accommodation can be booked as part of an event package or Borthwick Breaks. For more information or any enquiries, please contact us.

Borthwick Bedchamber


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