Logistics is one of the few departments at Hickory that’s lucky enough to see events from planning right through to delivery. Although we are rarely seen during the event, we’re always busy behind the scenes preparing and organising so that everything runs as smoothly as possible.

We are on-site throughout the whole event, helping the front of house and kitchen teams, so they can focus on serving the food and providing an amazing event for all attending guests. We start planning for day months in advance, ensuring all kit that’s required is ready for the event when it arrives.

The week running up to the event is all focused on packing the kit. You’d more than likely see the logistics team darting around our headquarters at Eskmills venue, sorting and moving everything into its correct position, ready for the delivery of the event. It’s then our responsibility as a team to transport all the equipment to and from the venues, and set the ‘back of house’ area ready for the kitchen to use. Without us, there really wouldn’t be any food!

We’re also responsible for keeping all the equipment clean and securely in our storage area at our headquarters. Whilst the majority of our stock is easy to store and keep clean, there are some challenges. Our 6 foot stars from our Christmas parties have to be suspended from the roof to prevent damage! We constantly have to think outside the box to store decorations in the best way to protect them for future events.

One of the many challenges the logistics team face is working around the different locations Hickory work at. We need to know the venues inside and out, so we can learn the best way to transport all the equipment.

Trust us, carrying ovens up the winding stairs of a castle is always a challenge! There’s always perks though, working at all the different locations lets us see behind the scenes and learn the hidden secrets of some of Scotland’s best venues.

Written by Andrew, Hickory’s Logistics Manager


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