People love a bit of drama when they have a meal out. They want to be surprised and enjoy something truly delicious. After all, food is a big part of any event, isn’t it?

Here’s a few little ideas which can add some theatre to your menu.

An Amuse-Bouche

In case you didn’t know, an amuse-bouche is different from an appetiser. These are single bite-sized moments of joy.  Literally translated (from French) as a “mouth amuser”, an amuse-bouche is all about exciting your tastes buds and getting your guests talking. We want to prepare your guest’s palette for the meal they’re about to enjoy.

An amuse-bouche should offer a glimpse into the talented kitchens approach to the art of cuisine. At Hickory, we love playing with our food, and given the opportunity we love to showcase our talents and playfulness in our menu.

We like to serve delicious iced beetroot and lime lollipops or scrumptious sauté of king scallops with smoked cauliflower puree and dill oil. Or go all out and try our duck liver parfait whipped with double cream, dry sherry jelly and 5 spiced grapes. Yum.

Soup Shots

Everyone loves that homely feeling that soup gives you, so we like to serve little playful shots of home-made soup between your starter and main.

Try our velvety velouté of celeriac with a touch of truffle oil or our fried enoki roast chicken broth infused with pickled ginger and goji berries. Our cream of asparagus and pea soup with garden mint oil is simply impeccable too. You’ll definitely be wanting to lick the ‘mug’ clean, trust us. (Even if you do get a few looks, it’s too delicious not to!)

Sensational Sorbet

Designed to cleanse your palette, particularly after a strong flavoured dish, the ingredients can be as inventive and peculiar as you like. We love a Pickering’s Gin and tonic with a twist of lemon sorbet to follow a smoked-salmon started, or if you are more into fruity flavours, you’ll love our strawberry and basil or prosecco and peaches sorbets. Mmmm.

Want to talk to use about some extra touches for your next event? Take a look at our Added Extras Menu for that memorable Hickory twist.

If you’d like to know more about our ability to create bespoke menus, please get in touch.

(Posted by Hickory)